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UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery which has been running for approximately one year and is always crowded by visitors, both local and international visitors. UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery offers food & beverage products by using the best quality of local ingredients supported by highly experienced chef, so that makes the taste of all our food & beverage products very suitable in all our visitors' tongues. UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery is a family restaurant in the development of food innovations that have the best favorite menu of the fresh grilled Duck in red pot with our special Balinese sauce. UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery has five areas divided into UC Cafe (Take Away Only) capacity of 25 pax, UC Cafe & Bakery capacity of 65 pax, UC Dining Area with a capacity of 300 pax, UC Wedding Hall with capacity of 150 pax, and UC Meeting Room with capacity of 30 pax. For restaurants and cafes, we are open every day starting at 08.00 WIB until 23.00 WITA and are on the 3rd floor, except for UC Cafe (Take Away Only) on the 1st floor next to our gallery. The price of food & beverages at our restaurant & cafe is quite affordable in the community, which starts from Rp. 10,000 - Rp. 150,000, and you can enjoy a variety of delicious food and beverage menus from our restaurant. With a very spacious place, instagramable and has beautiful natural scenery, it is suitable for use as a venue for events such as family gatherings, social gathering, birthday celebrations, weddings, coorporate gatherings, private meetings, romantic dinners etc.


  • UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery, Jl. Raya batubulan Gg. Candrametu No.01 Gianyar , Gianyar , Bali 80582 Get Map Direction
  • Average Price per Person:
    Rp. 50.000
  • Payment:
    Credit Card
    Debit Card
  • Opening Hours:
    Everyday : 9am - 10pm
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Signature Dish

Bebek Tungku

Bebek Tungku uses local native Bali ducks. Processed using selected spices of the highest quality. Boiled duck with mixed spices for 1 hour until the duck is completely tender and until the marinade permeates. Then the duck is roasted for about 10 minutes to add flavor to the mixture of duck and marinade. Duck is served with added yellow spices that have a creamy texture. The flavor of the marinade is so strong and the right processing makes the duck smell bad is gone. Then the duck is served on the stove, with medium heat below. The goal is to keep the flavor and texture awake, so that it is very enjoyable to enjoy with white rice and some delicious duck stoves.

Chef Profile

I Wayan Suastama

Started his career in 1999 as a baker at Bali Bakery for 6 years. Then continued his career at Champlung Sari Hotel Ubud as a Pastry & Bakery Chef for 2 years. The following year he continued his career in Malaysia, at NASH Donnut for 2 years as a Pastry & Bakery. After that he returned to Bali and continued his career at Canggu's Ametis Villa Bali as Head Chef for 8 years. In 2018, he joined UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakey as Head Chef. Chef Wayan is an expert in making all Asian food. Currently, one of the Asian menus that are often cooked at UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery is Bebek Tungku which is very friendly with Indonesian tongues.

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