The Restaurant by The Trans Resort Bali


Savour the sumptuous all-around-the-world dishes to satisfy your cravings from Indonesian, Pan-Asian to Western-style options. For All-Day-Dining selection, an à la carte menu packed with quality international delights including healthy menu, dishes specially made for Kids and the curated set menu specially made for the romantic dinning by The Waterfall as well as the all-you-can-eat fun Sunday Yum Cha has made The Restaurant by The Trans Resort Bali a popular choice for a casual dining with family, friends and beloved one.


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Signature Dish

The Chef's Dry-Aged-Steak

15 Days dry aged striploin beef with mashed potato, mesclun salad and the option of beef jus or Bearnaise sauce.

Chef Profile

Executive Chef Allen Stevano

Allen has worked with some top Chefs in Auckland like Mark Gregory, Cristiano De Martin and the one whom most influenced him is Michael Meredith. At Meredith, he learnt that cooking is like the institutional of marriage between an artist and technician fueled with never ending passion. From here the never-ending game took a whole new level for Allen to work with new ingredients, unusual pairing and most important is, to be able to record more texture, flavor and taste in his memory while feeding his body with adrenaline rush every night. He also has been cooking along with some serious names in this industry such as Alvin Leung, George Calombaris, Ben Shewry, Martin Bosley, Peter Gordon and many more. From Auckland the romance is even bigger, once he feels the real love of food, then he decided to go to Bali then moved to Macau, Fujian China and now back again nestling at The Trans Resort Bali as the Executive Chef.

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