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"¡Tapas Tapas! is a new modern tapas restobar concept by the very successful group that runs ""My Little Spanish Place"", which was ranked one of the best Spanish restaurants by Wine & Dine Magazine Singapore since 2014. Located at The Grand Livio Hotel’s front cafe space, ¡Tapas Tapas! seeks to provide a modern tapas restaurant and bar concept where guests can spend their time to eat, dine, drink, hangout, and relax comfortably. The restaurant opens daily from 11 AM onwards, serving lunch, afternoon tea, wine, cocktails, and dinner. It is also designed to cater for business meetings and corporate functions during the week. Headed by the critically acclaimed Chef Edward Esmero and Chef Maria Sevillano, this new restaurant not only serves our most popular Spanish dishes from their restaurants in Singapore, but also tapas and dishes from other regions as well."


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Maria Sevillano & Edward Esmero

Maria Sevillano The Founding Chef of My Little Spanish Place, grew up in Salamanca, one of the nine provinces in the Castille y Leon region. Located in the northern part of Spain, Castille y Leon is also one of the largest regions in the country. Hailing from a lineage of Spanish chefs and restaurant-owners, Maria started her gastronomic journey more than 25 years ago by helping her grandmother in the kitchens of their two family-run restaurants – a fine-dining establishment and a 'meson'. It was her love for the food she grew up with, combined with the realization that there were very limited authentic Spanish gastronomic offerings available in Singapore, that led her to set up My Little Spanish Place. Edward Esmero The Executive Chef to My Little Spanish Place. Born in the south of Philippines in the town of Batangas, Edward's heritage has a lot of Latino influences, as his grandmother was a Mistisa (her father was Spanish and her mum Filipina), and Edward's dad is Mexican. He grew up in an environment that exposed him at an early age to the myriad of culinary influences in his country. Having received training from both local and international chefs and winning numerous awards and recognition from local competitions, Chef Edward pursued his passion in the field of hospitality and restaurant management in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the USA, the Caribbean, and Singapore.

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