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Ginger Moon's new sister restaurant Jackson Lily's is an exciting addition to the Bali dining scene. The concept of excellent Asian home cooking has been expanded and carried in a diverse and thrilling direction. The restaurant is a vast space, a cathedral dedicated to cuisine; in which to entertain, and to be entertained by exciting, novel flavours and compelling artful presentation.


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Signature Dish

Our Famous 666 Combo - flaming hot & divinely delicious!

BBQ Ribs (400gm) & Rump Steak (250gm) & Prawns (500gm) & ½ Chicken BBQ or Spicy + water spinach & lalapan slaw

Chef Profile

Dean Keddell

Dean has held the position of Executive Chef as well as General Manager and Proprietor in numerous celebrated establishments around the globe. The urge to discover, explore and create has taken Dean to many interesting places. Travel has also allowed him to cook for many fascinating people such as George Bush, U2, Sinéad O'Connor, Nick Cave, The Monogue sisters and Charlize Theron to name but a few. *** His travels had led Dean to Bali several times but 14 years ago Bali became his home. In 2012 when Dean made the move to open Ginger Moon Canteen in the heart of Seminyak on the always bustling “Eats Street”. With a love of all things local and a desire to share his Bali on a plate philosophy his casual yet engaging cuisine was an instant hit. International Food critics and Media personalities where amongst the many whom expressed their admiration for what was happening at Ginger Moon Canteen, these people helped his business along by shouting their approval from the roof tops and many are still shouting to this very day. *** In 2018 after 2 long years of planning and construction Dean opened Ginger Moon Canteen’s sister restaurant Jackson Lily’s. Named after his two children this restaurant is an expression of his worldly travels and his east meets west life, it’s a carefully crafted masterpiece, every detail has been meticulously thought out to create one of the most interesting experiences possible. *** As owner/ operator of his two latest enterprises Dean has drawn on his years of experience to bring his unique concepts to life. Ginger Moon Canteen is a celebration of the foods of Indonesia and Bali in particular, whilst Jackson Lily’s is a story of the places Dean has travelled and the people he has met along the way.

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