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Hippie fish brings Mediterranean seafood cuisine to Bali and brings two different cultures together in one place and one concept. It uses the Mediterranean diet to bring you an endless number of benefits for your health. We do it with a unique touch, through our location, with exceptional service to the public where the client becomes a guest, paying attention to the details. We offer a signature cuisine with local and organic ingredients, which provides a healthy and positive experience. All of this in a privileged location. Hippie Fish Mediterranean Soul is located exactly in front of Ubud Local Market in Jl. Raya Ubud no 14, Ubud. We serve classic Mediterranean cuisine with an alternative/fusion touch offering a great variety of fresh seafood dishes. The ambiance is bright and neat, and the modern design embraces the Balinese culture with a glad balance. Our calendar will include live acoustic performances, art expositions, food tasting and so on to entertain at best our clientele. The restaurant opens and welcomes guests daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. Hippie Fish combines a casually sophisticated menu with a cozy, artistic atmosphere. We believe food crafted thoughtfully is food done right, and take pride in cooking from scratch.


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Signature Dish


Our special fregola, mix with seafood, dry pasta, basil, and garlic.

Chef Profile

Adis Dozovic

We wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our co-founder, and all-around professional bartender/mixologist, Adis Dozovic. A co-founder of Hippie Fish, The Avocado Factory, Maybe Tony & BB52. Adis oversees all food/beverage-related aspects of Hippie Fish. Our first two offerings (Kombucha is the new black and Barong Ket ) are all signature cocktails. Adis first worked at The Downtown in Sydney where Learned strong basics on classic cocktails and busy being a part of the vanguard of high-level cocktails made with attention to ingredients, process. His unique takes on classic cocktails caught the eye of other bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. Above all, he prizes dedication to his field of work and his clients above all else–and we think you’ll appreciate the end result.

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