Herb Library Restaurant


Herb Library is a contemporary, healthy dining venue located at the front entrance of Adiwana. The restaurant not only serves purely raw or ‘living’ food, but also offers a rather different, plant-based all day dining menu for Herbivores with sustainably and responsibly sourced fish and chicken options for Omnivores. This is a carefully crafted and nutritionally balanced, multi-culturally influenced cuisine that uses local, seasonal ingredients.


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Signature Dish


Grilled fermented soybean cake, oozing parmesan & cheddar cheese, mushrooms, spring onions, fresh herbs, shredded turmeric cauliflower & lemon basil tomato sambal

Chef Profile

I Made Siharta

A passionate Executive Chef with over 20 years’ experience in the culinary industry especially on authentic contemporary food, Chef Siharta is a strong, inspirational and creative person. He is also deeply committed to maintaining high-quality standards and achievements on every product as well as his team.

Official Card of the BRBCA

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