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Bene Italian Kitchen



Experience authentic Italian cuisine with a modern twist, served with an interesting selection of world-class wines in a breathtaking ambiance. The three-storey restaurant offers a signature terrace poolside seating, second floor private dining area, and its contemporary open-air rooftop setting on the third floor. The menu of Bene displays a delicate understanding of flavors ensuring tradi...

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Average Prices

IDR 150.000-300.000

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+62 361 846 5555

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  • Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta - Bali

Signature Dish

Beef medallion with soft polenta, spinach and red wine sauce

Chef Profile

Rossano Renzelli

We take you back to Italy where our executive chef started to learn to cook from his grandmother until he reached 17 years old and left home to study. Different from others chefs, Chef Rossano gets his inspiration from fresh ingredients. It’s his passion to let people enjoy and feel the sensuous delight of the food itself. Chef Rossano gained experience from many countries around the world before settling down in Bali. His journey includes countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, England, Kuwait, Jamaica, Barbados and India. About his family-style-cuisine he says: “it is like getting back to my childhood, where my grandmother used to cook for our big family. We are trying to replicate this concept here at Bene, with original flavors and recipes.”