Balibola is a Flexitarian Cafe. Our philosophy is to serve meatless plates but still be able to cater to everyone. It is not so much about restricting yourself, but more about eating healthy & occasionally eating meat. Moreover, it is about being flexible, making the gradual transition into vegetarian foods while simultaneously giving our furry friends a better & longer life in which they deserve. It is about loving your body & feeding it with the right fuel. Well, “BOLA” means ball in both Spanish & Indonesian. And Barcelona & Bali is where this idea of ours was born; we started with the concept of creating yummy balls of wholesome vegetarian goodness. And we ended up with not just balls, but yummy everything of wholesome vegetarian goodness! Combined, we have a restaurant that is healthy & at the same time, a place where everyone can eat without restrictions. We serve tasty balls & also staple dishes that you would find in any café – just meatless! We have also developed some of our own faux meats to entice & entertain your tastebuds. You will see dishes that appear ‘normal’ but aren’t what they seem! So please join our tribe & together, let’s make the world a better place.


  • Average Price per Person:
    Rp. 120000
  • Payment:
    Credit Card
    Debit Card
  • Opening Hours:
    8AM - 6 PM
  • Website:

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Signature Dish

OMG! Ricotta Pancake

Our crazy most instagrammable fluffy ricotta pancake stack with berry compote, whipped cream, roasted granola, tropical fruits, coconut ice cream & lotsa stuff! Say no more, just try it! With maple syrup or a shot of chocolate.

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