Aruna Restaurant


Indulge your palate in Aruna Restaurant with a selection of delectable cuisines passionately prepared from the freshest ingredients. Aruna Restaurant's intricate bamboo structure, inspired by Kalpataru, the tree of life, and Mandala symbolising unity and harmony, surrounds you with a breathtaking panoramic view of the resort and the natural scenery for a truly memorable dining experience.


  • Tejaprana Resort & Spa, Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Banjar Sapat, Ubud , Gianyar , Ubud 80561 Get Map Direction

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Signature Dish

Grilled Thai Chicken Breast

Tender chicken breast with spicy red coconut curry cream, ginger, grilled root vegetables and lemon-scented beans

Chef Profile

Chef Alit Widiartha

Growing up in rural Bali, Alit Widiartha had always been fascinated by the richness of Balinese spices. It was this childhood attraction that would later inspire him to pursue a career in the food industry. Upon finishing his formal hotel education, Alit decided to straight away gain more knowledge by working in Jakarta. Back in Bali, however, that thirst for knowledge and for expanding his experience got the better of him again. He decided to join a cruise ship to travel and continue his culinary journey. When Alit finally settled down back home, he continued his trade with several well-established hotels such as Uma Ubud by Como and the Mulia Resort before becoming Executive Chef for a local hotel chain and now for Tejaprana Resort & Spa. Chef Alit Widiartha has made it his mission to bring rich Asian flavours to the table. Over the years, the lines between authentic and modern have become blurred. You may not always be able to tell which country his dishes originate from, but there's no denying it's Asian. Asian in all its delicious, rich, spicy glory!

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