Bali's Best Restaurant Bar and Café Awards

The NOW! Bali Best Restaurant Bar and Café Awards is an annual campaign that was started back in 2015; the aim of the campaign is to promote the many high quality food and beverage establishments Bali is now home to and expose what has become a world-class food scene.


Whilst many come to Bali for culture, adventure, luxurious stays, relaxation or family holidays, one of the things that most surprises people when they get here is the food. Food may not be the initial pull for first time holiday-makers here but a few nights of wining and dining and everyone quickly realises how impressive the food and beverage industry really is in Bali.

Now a buzzing, independent restaurant scene ranging from specialty coffee shops to fine dining establishments, Bali’s culinary experience has grown in both quality and quantity over the years. This is something that needs to be promoted as one of the many reasons to come to the island.

This is why NOW! Bali - a trusted magazine and media on the island - started the NOW! Bali Best Restaurant Bar and Café Awards back in 2015, to bring attention to not only the range of restaurants but also to those that excel above the others. The NOW! Bali Best Restaurant Bar and Café Awards, or BRBCA for short, invites any quality, licensed restaurant on the island to participate, as long as they suit any of the 18 categories provided.

Since 2017, American Express has been the Official Card of the Best Restaurant Bar and Café Awards in both Bali and Jakarta.

Fair, unbiased, transparent

Since the BRBCA began in 2015, the main objective was to create a platform that was fair, unbiased and transparent.

To ensure fairness NOW! Bali invites any quality, licensed restaurant to participate. They are not chosen by a panel of judges, they are not based on magazine advertisers, it is an open platform. As long as the venue fits into one of our 18 categories and are licensed they are allowed to join.

To ensure no bias exists we have continually developed our voting system. Voters are invited to register to the website using their email, which must then be verified, then they are granted access to the voting landing page where they can then vote for their favourite restaurants over the many categories. This means that the BRBCA results are driven by public opinion, not by NOW! Bali.

To ensure transparency, the vote count is LIVE. Meaning all venues and all voters can watch as the votes rise for each establishment.

The Gala Awards Night

At the end of the voting period, NOW! Bali invites all participating venues to an extravagant Gala Awards Night which is without a doubt a highlight event of the year for the hospitality industry.

With celebrities, the top of Bali’s food and beverage scene all present, the awards for that year’s winners and runners up are announced and presented with their Trophy Plates - which are supported by PT Royal Doulton Indonesia.

Official Card of the BRBCA

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